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Dedicated to Michael Jackson:


The tragedy of everyone's childhood 
reflects in their eyes.
I could see it 
whenever I looked into yours.
I knew your pain.
I was there, right where you were.
And I cried with you
in my lonely nights.
And together our tears
joined a river of sadness
into a sea of pain.
Lifted up to the sky 
and turned into clouds.
They were raining down to the world again
and one teardrop touched the cheek 
of a little girl 
and she felt our heartache.
She was right there, right were we were.
And she cried with us 
in her lonely nights.

But one day the clouds disappeared
thats when they saw the truth
and they have finally seen your heart
and they have finally recognized their own shame
and I was right there, right there with you
And they saw where we were
and they cried
in their lonely nights.

Written by: Chantal