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  • Steve Barron spricht erneut über MJ

    28. März 2015

    Anlässlich einer Q&A-Runde spricht der „Billie Jean“-Videoregisseur Steve Barron erneut über seine Zusammenarbeit mit Michael.

    Das rund 30-minütige Interview kann hier angehört werden.

    Eine der gewichtigsten Aussagen aus dem Interview ist diese hier:

    „I’ve worked with David Bowie and Madonna and quite a lot of big names over the years. But there was something extra special, I’m sure you’ve heard this many times, but there was a certain aura about Michael that kind of was very seductive and he was obviously quite a young age just before Thriller came out, and there was a real sort of charm around him and absolute stunning brilliance came out when he performed and things. That was all very different [from] working with anybody else. I never found anybody that extraordinary, although there was a lot of amazing people that I worked with. “


    Quelle: jackson.ch, mjjcommunity, youtube

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