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brief_inhaltbrief_umfragPAKET AN MICHAEL JACKSON

Hi Michael!

This packet do you get from your swiss Fan-Family!

At saturday, 31. August 2002, we celebrated your birthday with a wonderful party in the legendary "King of Pop Bar" from Thomas Käppeli in Thun/Switzerland. We spok togheter, meet new people and we danced to your music!

At this birthday Party bornt the idea of this packet.

We wish you fun with the Fan-Packet!

- A letter from swiss fan`s and friends
(unterschrieben und mit Foto der Party-Gäste, siehe Foto rechts)

- A letter from the swiss michael jackson fanclub
more about the fanclub and a personal story about the help of your music after a terrible accident...

- Results of poll / suggests from Fans

- little additions in couvert (die Fans durften etwas für Michael gestalten, schreiben etc.)


Dear Mr. Michael Jackson,

this is a very warm greeting from your friends in Switzerland - the Swiss Michael Jackson fanclub.
We are all very proud to be your fans. The goal of our fanclub (free of charge) is to bring together all Swiss Michael Jackson fans and to support you as much as possible - because we simply love you and appreciate very much what you have done and are still doing especially for the music. You brought so much joy and fun to so many people's hearts from all over the world - we will always love you.

Despite of all the negative reports in the tabloids you are a role model for many people. Many people learn lots of good things from you. Your never ending activities to make this world a better place for us and especially for the children simply are unique.

The members of our fanclub are of different ages - it's your music that brought us together. We all have found many dear friends because of you!

And now, Ueli our fanclub's president, would like to tell you something very personal:
"I would like to thank you for something very special ... In summer 2001 (I was 17 years old) I had a very serious accident. My life was in danger. I was bicycling and had a crash with a car. I had to stay in (the) intensive care for more than a week. Neither the doctors nor my parents knew how long I'd have to stay and if I'd ever recover, or if I'd ever be able to walk again ...
Later - during all these long weeks of reconvalescence I had to fight for motivation ... but I never wanted to give up and I always tried to think positive and to never let all the uncertainty about my future get me down. I was able to endure all this thanks to your music! I listened to your songs over and over and they gave me strength! The energy and power and the 'inner soul' of your songs did indeed help me enormously. Your music gave me the will to survive and to fight. Your music was like my guardian angel who led me out of this dark crisis.
Today, all my friends and even the doctors are very surprised about my recovery. They all were asking me many times: 'Ueli, where do you take this inner 'force' from?' - And now you know the answer: It's your music! - Dear Michael: Thank you ever so much!

Back to our fanclub ...
Not long ago we were having a so-called 'MJ-Party' at the 'King of Pop'-bar in Thun. Yes, there indeed exists a bar called 'King of Pop'. Great, isn't it? If you will ever visit Switzerland - go to Thun and visit this bar. There are sooo many collectibles on the walls! It's a wonderful place to be for us fans. The owner, his wife and even their little children are all loving fans! If you ever would show up there - probably no one would ever believe
that you are the 'real' Mr. Michael Jackson because of all the collectibles and posters! :-)) ...well - the fans would, I guess ... ;-)

Whatever happens - we will always be there for you if you want us to support you. And if you want to have your privacy e.g. while visiting Switzerland: we will respect this as well.

As for now: we just want to wish you all the best and all the happiness and peace (let's pray for peace!). We are looking forward very much to your next projects. May God bless you!

Take care and
kind regards from your Swiss friends,

The Swiss Michael Jackson Fanclub
It's free - it's fun - everybody is welcome to join.



Opinions of your Fans!

We asked the fans on our homepage,, about their opinions. Over 500 fans participated.

Here are the results!

> Every fan could choose TWO favourite songs per album.












With the inguiry fans could send suggestions to us.
We want critical and honest suggestions for your career. We wrote that we don`t want love.- or praise-letters. We think that you know well how much your fans love you and you have already hear it thousand times. In spite of that, there came a lot of suggestions again, who was written, how much they love you, letters with thanks for your work, and some texts about the help of your music for problems. Some fans wrote, that invincible is great (perhaps your best album ever). There are many fans, who didn`t see you on concert. A lot of fans praised your for your inset for a better world and the children. “Don`t care about the tabloid-press” and much more…
But we diden`t print this suggestions.

Here are things, which would be forgotten, if there is a meeting of fans with you.

Read yourself…

an unplugged gig would be nice!

Michael, I really don't like straight hair! But you're always the preetiest!
don't you want to make curls in your hair again?
no straight long hair anymore, Michael, please....
Hairstyle (shorter, more natural)

Change your Make up (more natural, less is more)

A new video like They Don`t Care About Us – Prison Version!

At CD-Booklet: importent Lyrics in different languages!

Invincible is very very good, but a little bit too commercial

During the last years one problem for your career was that your public appearances (like awards, interviews, charity etc.) were lacking performances and music. So people couldn't talk about your art. Your huge success came through your great and noninterchangeable music, pioneer video clips and some public appearences. Despite other activities your art was always the main thing. In times like these, when you're present but don't have a new album, few performances would be enough, maybe something small during some event, instead of only holding a speech. You could make the media talk not only about your private life but about music. E.g. you could invite a reporter to tell him how you create music, explain the process and show your talent.

More directly contact to fanclubs or fan-site!!! It`s very important that the fans have informations how are 100% correctly and not ever this rumors in the internet.

Michael I really admire you as an artist, so please don't pay to much attention to this kind of statistics. Express yourself, when you write a song don't think about the sales result but just write down what you feel. Well, I think it's not up to me to tell you how to write a song. But please just go on with your music career, don't think about all this bad stuff you had with Sony. Please go on creating arts and fullfill our hearts with your wonderful music. Love Mathias

Michael you should do what you can best: Bring your fantastic music live on stage

Sing in a Concert more live and not Playback!

michael should put more worth on official personal homepage in the Internet. Its songs also Remixes should be offered there for the down load. I would be to be also paid ready for it.

A new Video like "GHOSTS"

Dearest Michael I love you thank for everything you've done for the World i just can say good things about you almost one ;) Please let some other Fans to you as just the same "Lobby Fans" Justin Myra ... Thats your closest Fan friends i accept that but maybe u dont know , how is the Situation outside when they come out! I Love u forever Michael but this was in my Heart Love from switzerland, xxx (Name zensiert)

At History-time, there are terrible remixes from sony! Go on with great remixes like you rock my world with Jay-Z or Butterflies with Eve! (or Blood On The Dancefloor – Refugee Camp Mix)

You will find the answer inside yourself. Your artistic potential is not nearly exhausted, I believe in you and know that will come a time you will create a music never heard before, a music between entertaining and demanding, which could be a combination between the old classical elements and all fields of popular music. Please, don't waste your time with useless things, like hoping to get an "Oscar", be what you are, the best musician in the Pop Aera. Go single-minded your way, you know it, even if you are just on the famous step backwards (in my opinion), so will come at next again the two steps forwards. My prayers and good vibrations are every day with you. Taking this opportunity I would like to remind you, that you these two paintings "Popmozart" and "Invincible - Michael in Knight's Armour" you have seen in London in my Art Work Book are ready and waiting to become received by you. Forever yours Dagmar (self-called Daggi) Herrmann, Bremen - Germany

Hello Michael. My Wish is that you come one more time in television show (Wetten Dass for example).

Mike Boy, ya have to change ya clothin' style!:-)
Dear Michael! Pleace, Take care – watch all your steps, have look at the people around you. Your Buddy - Dorothy

create your own music as far as possible without too much producents

Hi, Michael! Change your record company and start again. Forget all the shit the people tell on you. They think you are a freak. But you aren't. I know that a freak can't do the magic you can do. You are the greatest and you have to sing, dance, compose and heal on for many years. You and your music led through my childhood and through my youth. I know you since 1995. So I never realized the big Michael hype. Come back to the children and the youth very soon, please. Most children don't know you anymore, because of your long absence. They only know you from the fucking press. But you are not the black man becoming white with a nose broken nose of plastic. I know that. You are a genius. Sorry for my directness. Ah, yes! Please come back on stage. That's the place you're unbreakable. I am Soeren Engels and I am from Germany. Me and a lot of other people need you. Your music gives me everything. Don't take it back from me. I deeply love you and your music. Thing about it. Bye, Soeren!

Michael, it'd be wonderful if there would be an official fanclub in the near future, who is directly in contact with you and gives news to the fans which are 100% true! This fanclub should also have a major presence in the internet. It's important that you work together with them. Many other artists already have such a fanclub (eg Destiny's child) where the fans are in direct contac with the artists (eg through message board, fans can take part in polls to vote for example for the next single, fan can win meet&greet passes for concerts etc). It's a wonderful thing and the fans don't have top bother with stupid rumours and false "news" because they get them directly! I know that you already do much for us fans (btw THANK YOU!!!) but this is a way for both sides to connect even more! Think about it! All my love,

He must do; Billie Jean 2. A cover with dance or new song with Billie jean elements

Stay always to Pop (Hip Hop, R`n`B), never Techno, or so, please! I HATE Techno! Heal the World, yours Angelica!

Make a "happy" song- like your music

Make Songs Like Speechless ,Billie Jean,Who Is It,You Rock My World,Not Like You Are My Life , Money or Gone Too Soon

Mike, you have so many songs who are not on your album Invincible, Take all of them, do it to an new Album and Sold the record out, your fans all want hear them.

Do not work together with (commercial stars like) Britney, Justin, 'N Sync, Ashanti, Nelly, Ja Rule an all these wanna be stars without talent. You do not need them!!!!! They aren't you level. And your fans really hate to see THEM on stage with you - believe me! You should sing WMCIG without these guys- alone or with real artists who really have talent. Anyway- I love you so much

Michael, Please go back to your "old" Outfit from 1991 , Thank you and all the best, Ute

i love you´re music and the music help people who are ill or sad

Keep fighting against Martin Bashir! We're sure you are going to beat him!

I wish that you will always make music.

little additions in couvert

Die Fans durften etwas kleines für Michael gestalten und an uns einsenden oder an der Geburtstagsparty in der King of Pop Bar mitbringen. Diese Fan-Geschenke haben wir in ein grosses Couvert gepackt...

Da wir befürchteten, dass das Paket untergehen könnte, wenn wir dieses einfach nach Neverland senden, warteten wir auf eine passende Gelegenheit. Im Mai 2003 wurde das Paket dann endlich fertig gestellt und machte sich auf den Weg zu Michael Jackson. Nachdem am Anfang eine andere Variante geplant war, durften wir das Dokument dank der Hilfe von Fan Ina Zillich an Matt Fiddes aus England schicken. Er reiste Anfang Juni 2003 nach Neverland und konnte dort das Paket Michael Jackson persönlich in die Hände drücken. Michael habe sich sehr darüber gefreut und wollte es sich zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt genauer angucken, sagte Matt Fiddes später zu Ina.

Matt Fiddes war bei Michaels letzten London-Besuchen für dessen Security zuständig (Oxford 2001, London/Sony Demo 2002 u.a.)

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