Die Autorin von „Michael Jackson Conspiracy“ spricht

13. Juni 2018

In der neusten Episode von „The MJ Cast“ ist Aphrodite Jones zu Gast. Sie war im Jahr 2005 von Michael Jacksons Schuld im Arvizo-Prozess überzeugt, änderte ihre Meinung jedoch, als sie gegen Prozessende vor Ort über den Fall berichtete und sämtliche Verhörprotokolle nachlas. Im Buch „Michael Jackson Conspiracy“ geht sie ausführlich auf die vielen Absurditäten des Falles ein und berichtet, wieso Michael völlig zurecht frei gesprochen wurde.

Das Buch ist gerade mit neuen Inhalten ergänzt worden. (hier die Neuauflage bei Amazon.de)

Der Text von „The MJ Cast“ zur neusten Episode und der Neuauflage von „Michael Jackson Conspiracy“ (mit Vorwort von Thomas Mesereau) auf Facebook:

Episode 081 – Vindication Day Special with Aphrodite Jones. The MJCast present their fourth annual special episode recognising Michael Jackson’s acquittal from false child molestation allegations on June 13th, 2005. On each of these annual episodes, The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent Charlie Thomson along with hosts Jamon Bull and Q, bring a very special guest onto the show to discuss their experience with the trial that so deeply affected Jackson’s life.

In this year’s show, the guys welcome author of the newly released special edition of Michael Jackson Conspiracy, Aphrodite Jones (aphroditejones.com). Aphrodite is a journalist and the author of several bestselling true crime books, one of which was turned into the Oscar-winning movie, Boys Don’t Cry. During Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial, Aphrodite initially found herself on the side of the prosecution. However, after the trial was over, she reassessed her stance, and admitted that she got it wrong. She went on to write one of the most comprehensive books about the trial, Michael Jackson Conspiracy, which includes a Foreword by Tom Mesereau. Self-published in 2007, the book went on to become a cult hit, and is being re-released in a new edition this week. Michael Jackson Conspiracy is the last book Aphrodite published, though she has gone on to be a successful true crime documentary host as well as host of her own podcast, called Sex, Love & Murder.

Jamon, Q, and Charles talk with Aphrodite about her early life, her experience being one of the few reporters given permanent seats in the courtroom throughout Jackson’s trial, how she fell under the pro-persecution spell and how she changed her mind. Topics also discussed include her interpretation of how the media handled the trial and how it impacted Michael in his final years.

The new edition of the book features colour photos, exclusive links to footage of accuser Gavin Arvizo being led in a police interview, Michael Jackson discussing a children’s holiday with Martin Bashir and Neverland Valley Ranch during the trial era.

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