A Place With No Name Contest

1. Oktober 2014

Das Online Team vom MJ Estate ruft zu einem Wettbewerb auf, bei dem am 3. November die Fahne vom Land mit den meisten Tweets die MJ Twitter und Facebook Seite zieren wird.

Play Along In The „A Place With No Name“ Contest

Hey there:

Fans outside the US, support your family and friends in the US in their efforts to get the their hometown selected and here’s your chance to play along in the “A Place With No Name” Contest!

To celebrate Michael Jackson’s “A Place With No Name” internationally, Tweet to get YOUR country flag to take over Michael Jackson’s socials! The country with the most tweets by November 3rd will get their flag featured as Michael Jackson’s Twitter header and Facebook’s cover photo for 48 hours. To enter, tweet your vote with #MJAPWNN and insert your country abbreviation into #CountryCodeXNoName. (or #___NoName) Both hashtags have to be used in order to be counted! Good luck!

Here are some examples:
To enter United Kingdom use both #MJAPWNN and #UKNoName
To enter South Africa use both #MJAPWNN and #ZANoName
To enter Brazil use both #MJAPWNN and #BRNoName


The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate