Gedicht Immortal love

30. Januar 2013

Für das neue Goodie soll es dieses Mal keine visuellen Ablenkungen geben – sondern nur Worte. und Hobby-Dichterin Jennifer Strahlberg teilt ihre Gedanken mit uns:

Immortal love

In every thing I do, your a part of me
Our hearts connected, a greater love will never be
I drown in your words, every single sound
the reach of your soul, so deep, so profound
I so love you, will I scream, will I shout
I will always love you, beyond all doubt
You never knew freedom, but you know love
your voice, like an angel, send from up above
Always running, watched by a billion eyes
going your way, a life long in disguise
Though we never met, in my desperate days
the thing pulling me trough, was your warm embrace
I’d wait in wonder, Yours is the definition of a smile
turning a heart beat to thunder
your existence made everything worth while
Haunted down, your eyes so sad
but there again, that power, you’d show them who’s bad
I am yours, you’re eternally mine
your light, your glow, the great define
Amazed by your courage, by all your might
you captivated me, I’m addicted to your light


by Jennifer Strahlberg


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