„In The Studio with MJ“ in Zürich, London, etc.

15. August 2022

Das Seminar von Brad Sundberg kommt zurück nach Europa. Am 10. und 11. Dezember können die Storys und Musik in Zürich erlebt werden. Die neu angekündigten Daten:

Brad Sundberg teilt seine Erlebnisse mit Michael Jackson im Studio und auf Neverland seit zehn Jahren mit den Fans. Entstanden ist ein professionelles Seminar, das wir wirklich sehr empfehlen können.

9. und 10. September 2022: Paris

22. und 23. Oktober 2022: Madrid

5. und 6. November 2022: London

10. und 11. Dezember 2022: Zürich

27. bis 29. Januar 2023: Brüssel

Tickets und weitere Informationen gibt es auf der Webseite inthestudiowithmj.com

Brad Sundberg schreibt dazu:

Ten years.

Ten years ago I launched my first „In The Studio With MJ“ event – in Paris.
A quick re-cap: I met some new friends at Bruce Swedien’s house during a dinner who happened to be from France. We started talking and they asked me to come to Paris and share some music and stories. We booked a studio and went to Paris with a box of tapes and memories and a lot of nervousness. I shared stories, music and studio insights – and „In The Studio With MJ“ was born!
That was ten years ago next month!

Now it’s time to go back and celebrate – but why stop at Paris?
We are launching tickets for our next several events all through the autumn and winter – with more to come!

During the pandemic we discovered a lot of new footage from my sessions, and we have significantly rebuilt our events and even added a new segment called „Just Another Day“ – which will take you on a detailed tour of Neverland Valley Ranch as well as some amazing behind-the-scenes events from Michael’s work in the studios.

I hope you will consider joining me in:

Paris 9/10 September
Madrid 23/24 October
London 5/6 November
Zurich 10/11 December
Brussels 27/28/29 January

More cities and dates to come!!

I am grateful for every guest.
I am grateful for every city.
I am grateful for every studio.
I am grateful for every smile, hug and friendship.
I am grateful for every long flight and endless airport line.
I am grateful for every bumpy cab ride and hotel room.
I am grateful to have been able to work with, laugh with, and learn from Michael.
I love sharing these stories and hearing some of yours.
I love hearing this music in a room full of MJ fans.
I love being back in the studio, celebrating ten years!
I’d love it if you would consider joining me – In The Studio With MJ.

Will You Be There?