News rund um Xscape

5. Mai 2014

Der Song „Chicago“ kann ab sofort mit dem Sony-App „Music Unlimited“ angehört werden. Rodney Jerkins sprach über die Xscape-Aufnahmen und Jesse Johnson, der das Featuring mit D’Angelo und Mary J Blige ankündigte, veröffentlichte eine E-Mail Korrespondenz mit Epic Records.

Der Song „Chicago“, hier ein Snippet auf youtube, kann ab sofort via Sony-App „Music Unlimited“ angehört werden!

Auf ist eine neue Spezialseite online: Xscape – Die Songs, die Events!
(ausserdem: letzte Gelegenheit das Album zu bestellen, damit es spätestens am Freitag im Briefkasten liegt!)

Eine neue, lesenswerte Rezension zu Xscape wurde vom Tagesspiegel verfasst: Liebesgrüsse aus dem Jenseits.

Rodney Jerkins, mit dem Michael für Invincible arbeitete, sprach für diesen AP-Artikel über das neue Album Xscape: ‚Everyone did a really great job

Er und der King of Pop hätten im Jahr 1999 erstmals am Song „Xscape“ gearbeitet und diesen, nachdem er nicht auf Invincible veröffentlicht wurde, im Jahr 2003 erneut aus dem Archiv geholt. Rodney Jerkins: „Selbst als Michael noch lebte, hörten wir nie auf, an Xscape zu arbeiten. Es war einer von diesen Songs, über die er zu mir ausdrücklich sagte, ‚der muss eines Tages ans Tageslicht‘.“ Jerkins sagt, er habe Michael auch im Jahr 2007 in Irland für ein Gespräch besucht – doch den Auftrag, an Songideen zu arbeiten, habe er erst 2008 oder 2009 erhalten. „Und dann starb er.“

Jesse Johnson verschafft derweil seiner Enttäuschung Luft, dass das Sly and The Family Stoge Cover, auf dem er Gitarre spielt, nicht auf Xscape enthalten ist. Er hatte das heiss diskutierte Featuring mit D’Angelo, Questlove und Mary J Blige ohne Rücksprache mit dem MJ Estate, angekündigt. Nun veröffentlichte er auf Facebook eine E-Mail Korrespondenz mit einer Epic Records Mitarbeiterin, die, sagen wir mal, nicht gerade freundlich reagierte:

Anzumerken ist an dieser Stelle noch, dass auch der Sohn von Executive Producer L.A. Reid dieses Featuring vor einer Woche ankündigte – kann es also doch sein, dass es als Bonustrack auf der Vinyl-Ausgabe von Xscape enthalten ist?


My opinion for what’s its worth, they really made a mistake by not including this track on the album. Hopefully some day it will see the light of day.
Peace, Jesse

Lauren Ceradini wrote:

Guys who is Jesse Johnson who is tweeting about D’Angelo, Mary J and Questlove being on the album. Can we have this removed?

Lauren Ceradini
Epic Records
Vice President, Publicity

(Jesse’s email response to Lauren’s email)

Hello Lauren,

May I ask you: „Who are you???? An employee at a Epic Records? is some what who I am.
Lets see, who am I? I written a few „HIT SONGS“, I’m Grammy nominated recording artist/producer, I’ve been instrumental in selling millions of albums, and by the way; „I’m the guy that help to put this Michael & D’Angelo project together.
Unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t aware that I was an employee (underling) of yours, nor was I aware that you possessed complete control over what I can and cannot say (I Thought Slavery Was Abolished),
but I guess indentured servitude is the tradition of the majors labels for which you serve and represent. Please send me a company memo regarding guidelines to your company’s civil rights laws,
or better yet how they pertain to me. I can already tell that you, LAUREN as an agent for EPIC RECORDS, could care less about us minions, but I did record and play all the guitars on this track. (Right, I know, as if that matters to you or yours!)

Have a great day Lauren.

Jesse Johnson (aka: Mr. NoOne or Nobody depending on the situation. (I am ok with either

(Lauren’s response)
On Apr 5, 2014, at 7:11 AM, <lauren.ceradini@> wrote:

Obviously it’s not difficult to find out who I am since you were able to track me down. My job is to put out accurate information to the public regarding projects on Epic Records. Unfortunately, you are putting out false information to the public regarding the new Michael Jackson album Xscape. I’m sure it wasn’t your intention to mislead the public on who was on the album however, that’s why my job exists, to accurately report to the public.
Thanks for your understanding.

Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Jesse’s response to Lauren’s email:
April 5 2014 at 7:54am

What I Wrote Is 100% Accurate!
I didn’t track you down, your email was forwarded to me by persons you sent it to inquiring about who am I!
As far as I’m concern, we did finish the song titled „Hot Fun In The Summertime“ (Sly & The Family Stones’s) for the release. Whether it makes your release is not my concern. What I wrote is 100% accurate and factual non the less.

Jesse Johnson

………………………………….radio silence……………………..!

Dear Lovers of Fine Music,
The track is very, very nice. Too bad egos of the non-music making folks are what the decisions seem to be based on. Because D nor I really jelled with the executive producer.


Nach diesem Posting hat Jesse Johnson nun folgendes Statement veröffentlicht:


Some NON-person regarding my feeling about Dangelo not being included on the MJ release, felt I was wrong for saying I would leak the song if I had it. First of all I stated my feelings, but did not engage in said action. Plus I earned the right to feel any way I want since I put in my time and hard work. Dangelo really put in a ton of time, $$$ and very hard work. We were extremely honored to put hands on Sly Stone’s composition that featured another legend, Michael J.
Like I’ve stated in the pass, the www/internet has created a new generation (unfortunately) of cowards that hide behind aliases that talk and flex their big www/email muscles!
I have been truthful enough to express my opinions, be it some not so popular, but yet I express them under my real identity and not a fictional character.

We all want to be loved and admired, but one should only seek said adulation by being truthful to the people that admire you and even at times have looked to you for guidance in waters that you may have navigated with a certain degree of success if you will.

I was a bit offended when the young lady from Epic records came at me the way she did, but to have corresponded with her in any fashion other than respect or diplomacy, would make ME a liar of the worst kind.

After all it is I that speaks of peace, love, and understanding. I’m always trying to live that, and always trying to be better.
I just wanted you to and see first hand how so many are treated by the corporation that run the real world Hunger Games!

You think Prince, Michael, Morris, myself, George C, and countless others have not been treated this way? Even when all were at the top of their game? Think again. Why do think the artist I just mentioned have disdain for record executives, promoters, lawyers, etc? You’d also be surprised to know that most of our dislikes accumulated earlier in our career, than later.

Das komplette Statement kann auf seiner Facebook Page nachgelesen werden.