„On The Wall“ gastiert in Finnland

4. September 2019

Die Kunstausstellung „On The Wall“ ist nach Bonn in Deutschland nun in Finnland zu sehen. (Hier hatten wir Fotos gepostet.) „Niemand möchte seine Arbeiten von der Ausstellung entfernen“, sagt der Chefkurator zur „Leaving Neverland“ Kontroverse. Man habe bei den Künstlern nachgefragt.

„On The Wall“ gastiert bis am 26. Januar 2020 im Espoo Museum of Modern Art. Der Chefkurator Arja Miller sagt: „Our experience with this exhibition is that relationships with Jackson vary massively.“

„Just by looking at the artworks, you can see 48 different perspectives, the majority of which are by US artists, and they are quite different from one another.“

„Nobody wanted to remove their works from the exhibition“, sagt Miller Miller. “I discussed this with several artists and they strongly felt that their works are still relevant and not always so much about Michael Jackson, but more about the phenomenon that was created around him.”

Quelle: jackson.ch, news.artnet.com