Sam Emerson im Interview

6. September 2023

Sam Emerson war Michael Jacksons Vertrauensfotograf und hat hunderte ikonische Bilder abgelichtet. Im Interview spricht er ausführlich über seine Zeit an der Seite vom King of Pop.

Befragt von Maksym Zakharchuk, berichtet der Starfotograf, wie er beinahe bereits die Jackson 5 ablichten durfte, und dann später dank einigen Aufträgen für The Jacksons das Interesse von MJ auf sich zog. So bat Michael 1984 persönlich darum, er möge die Victory Tour dokumentieren… und das Abenteuer an der Seite Michael Jacksons begann!

01:01 Introduction of Sam Emerson
01:37 Last time being in Chicago
02:12 First steps in Photography career
03:36 How to become celebrity photographer in 70th?
04:42 How photographers got their credentials/ was tagged back in 70th
05:14 How clients can reach out to you in 70th?
05:51 Meeting Michael Jackson for the first time. Unsuccessful shot
08:24 Billie Jean story about shoes
09:36 Did Michael Jackson knew that Billie Jean will be the biggest hit of his career?
10:42 Phone call invite to join Victory Tour
12:10 How much money photographer makes during Michael Jackson Tour?
14:35 Difference between working with Elton John and Michael Jackson
16:38 How Isolated life of MJ was on tour?
17:05 MJ with Detroit police. Photo of decade issue Zoom magazine
18:53 Why MJ was appearing with military group?
19:40 How the day before the concert look like for his personal photographer?
22:32 Funny story with Sam Emerson, Frank Dileo and MJ.
24:06 MJ in Japan
27:52 Photo of MJ with kids in yellow hats.
29:02 How to convince MJ to do a photo?
32:28 How BAD cover was created?
37:22 How much money Sam Emerson made on Bad cover photo?
38:00 MJ in Tenerife. Photo on the roof of hotel with fans.
41:15 Photos of sad moments of MJ
42:05 Secret of great photo of Michael Jackson
44:29 Pepsi commercial video shoot.
46:16 „In the closet“ music video shoot story
50:14 How many rooms MJ rented in hotel during tours?
50:45 Did Sam Emerson was bringing girls after the concert to same hotel where was MJ staying?
52:05 MJ in Rome
52:25 MJ in Tokyo Disneyland
53:15 MJ in Hong Kong
53:55 How much money photographer’s luggage did cost to clear with airlines in 1988?
55:50 Meeting Sir Run Run Shaw in Hong Kong
58:58 Photo of MJ steering the boat to Macau
01:00:40 Story with Sylvester Stallone
01:00:35 MJ in Roman outfit at American ambassador backyard
01:02:00 Meeting Prince Charles and Princess Diana
01:05:05 How kind MJ was? Meeting children at hospitals
01:06:05 How Sam Emerson got fired?
01:13:55 Phone call from MJ
01:16:45 What moments Sam Emerson missed and did take photos of
01:17:45 MJ meeting Jackie Gleason from „Gigot“
01:18:27 Three the most iceman shots by Sam Emerson
01:19:30 Story of meeting John Lennon
01:21:10 Photo of MJ in yellow shirt and purple flowers.
01:22:50 Photo of MJ, Oprah and Elizabeth Taylor
01:24:10 Three qualities of successful celebrity photographer
01:25:55 Sam Emerson about nowadays generation of Instagram photographers
01:26:45 Is Sam Emerson happy with his career?
01:28:00 Did MJ had his own icon?
01:30:20 MJ and Slash on BAD album cover
01:31:20 Shot of MJ boots from BAD video shoot.
01:31:50 Have Sam Emerson have been friends with MJ?
01:32:47 Why Sam Emerson stopped working with MJ?
01:34:18 Last time seeing MJ