Vorsicht vor „We Save Neverland“

23. April 2019

Die Nachlassverwaltung warnt vor eventuellen Betrügern, die Geld sammeln, „um Neverland zu kaufen.“

Hello #MJFam:

The Estate recently learned of a new website supposedly dedicated to buying Neverland at www.wesaveneverland.com.

While the site does acknowledge that it is not connected to or have any relationship with the Estate, the Estate has asked us to take this opportunity to remind fans to take a stance of “buyer beware” whenever they consider contributing to a campaign such as this. While we are not familiar with the people operating this site, the #4 question on the FAQ indicates that if the effort fails to reach its stated goal of buying Neverland, the monies will be donated to an unnamed charity. We do not want any fans to be taken advantage of and disappointed if monies they contribute to the campaign do not go to their intended purpose.

We urge all fans to please take caution whenever participating in online campaigns that involve the exchange of money, or donating to any efforts that are not affiliated with accredited charity organizations.

There are many people out there who take advantage of the kindness of Michael’s fans, so please use caution.


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