Noch eine knappe Woche bis „In The Studio with MJ“

17. Oktober 2016

Am kommenden Wochenende findet – nach London (ausverkauft) und Dublin – das dritte „In The Studio with Michael Jackson 2016“ Seminar in Berlin statt. Dabei wird Brad Sundberg auch originale Musik aus Neverland spielen. Tickets sind noch für beide Tage erhältlich.

Weitere Infos zum 21. und 22. Oktober in Berlin (Funkhaus Studios) direkt unter

Nachstehend einige Nachrichten von Brad Sundberg, die er auf Facebook gepostet hat:

Greetings Studio Rats!!
I wanted to remind you that we will be bringing the latest version of „In The Studio With MJ“ 2016 and „The Remix“ to Berlin in just over a week.  I have booked an amazing studio called Funkhaus in Berlin, and the seminar continues to add new segments, songs and stories.
I recently added a segment called a „Tour Of Neverland“ which I am particularly proud of.  I have the original music of Neverland (which Michael gave precise instructions about) to augment the visuals.
Tickets are still available for next Friday (The Remix) and Saturday (the full seminar).
I hope you will considering coming to Berlin – I would love to see you again!
Have a great day –

I don’t expect you to remember this, but I spent more than 18 years working with Michael, with many of those years spent building the music and lighting systems at Neverland. I was reviewing the „Tour Of Neverland“ segment yesterday, and it blows me away just how large the place was.

I was describing the „little train“ (there were two trains at Neverland) to a friend of mine, and told him that when we first installed it Michael was riding around with Lee Tucker driving it. (Lee was Michael’s good friend and projectionist from Warner Hollywood). He asked Lee what it was like to drive the train, and Lee said something to the effect of, „It’s your train, why don’t YOU drive it!“ Michael was so surprised that he could actually drive his own train at his ranch!

The „Tour Of Neverland“ segment has become one of my favorite parts of the seminar, and fittingly it tucks in between the Bad and Dangerous albums, because that was when we started so many of the projects, including the theme park.

The theme park had their own crew, and they were some of the nicest guys imaginable. We used to pack a lunch when we worked up there for a day (or sometimes the chef would make us lunch), and during our lunch break they would always ask us if we wanted to hit the rides for a bit, you know, for the sake of „testing“. We would almost always ride the bumper cars until we felt like we needed to be hospitalized. Michael didn’t want them to move slowly and safely like Disney, he wanted them full-speed with the music full volume. I have never ridden bumper cars like that since!

Pull the curtain back.
Ignore the „Closed Session“ sign.

Join me for a day in the studio.
Let me take you to Neverland.

Hear things you have never heard.
See things you have never seen.
Learn things you never knew.

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine – his name is Michael Jackson. I hope you can spend a day with me In The Studio.

Tickets for Dublin and Berlin are on sale now – Will You Be There?


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  1. Brad Sundberg

    Great to be in Berlin!! I hope to see some of the Swiss MJ fans in the audience this weekend. Keep The Faith, and join me In The Studio! – Brad

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