„Square One“ – 1993 neu aufgerollt

6. Oktober 2019

Der Film „Square One“ ist ab sofort auf YouTube  zu sehen. Darin sind anhand diverser Interviews „neue Beweise“ zum Chandler-Fall 1993 zu hören.

Der Regisseur Danny Wu schreibt zum Video:

Square One is a documentary that investigates the first ever 1993 allegations against Michael Jackson. It strategically uncovers new evidence and information through interviews with people closest to the case. These interviews showcase never-before-heard public statements from witnesses, Michael Jackson’s nephew, and legal assistant to the prosecutor in ‘93.

Twitter: @dannywuyue IG: @dywu


I did not expect the incredible and overwhelming attention this documentary has created. I funded this project as much as possible by myself, and it would be amazing to get some help covering some recent traveling, hosting costs and further advertising the documentary! Thank you, and if you can’t donate, absolutely don’t worry! #SquareOneMJ


Taj Jackson hat folgenden Kommentar auf seiner Fundraiser-Seite seines Filmprojektes veröffentlicht:

The Square One Screening:
On Sept 28th we attended the “Square One” Screening.
The movie was amazing, and everything I hoped for and more. Danny Wu did an incredible job. It comes out today on youtube for free in less than an hour. It specifically deals with the 1993 MJ allegations. Please help spread this amazing doc cause the truth cannot be ignored any longer.
I know we are trying to trend it on twitter today. Use the hashtag #SquareOneMJ

Here’s where to see Square One.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKN_vhrdMu0Ffnhx5XbPQBQ
The tide has turned and everyone is feeling it. Expect extreme pushback and more.
The other side is desperately trying to stop this huge momentum we now have for the truth to be known.

After watching Square One, check out the interview Charles and I did with John Ziegler the day after the screening.

As for this project. We have secured a couple of really important key MJ people and friends who are now onboard with this project. Please note…I am not trying to win a battle, my goal is to win the war. My purpose of this project is to rightfully reclaim and solidify my uncle’s legacy once and for all. This project will be for the history books.
I hate that I have to be so secretive but as you have seen even before Square One was shown, they are trying to discredit anyone who is pro Michael and stands up for him or any pro Michael news. I don’t want to tip my hat too early and give them a chance to sabotage this project. At the same time I know how important it is to keep you guys in the loop.
More to come…

Einleitend schrieb Taj: 

Update for Saturday Oct 5th.

A lot has been happening, all of which is good.

Applehead Club Productions:
The project will officially be made under this production name. The name “Applehead” is very important to me. It is the name my uncle Michael use to call me and my brothers as well as other friends. The name actually comes from the 3 Stooges. However to me hearing the word „Applehead“ represents an incredible time of pie fights, water balloons, crank calls, and stink bombs. Since this project is being made with the help of some of those Appleheads from Michael’s life, I thought this would be the perfect name for the production company.

Von der Square One Premiere hatten wir unter „Leaving Neverland Verleumdung Part III“ berichtet.

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  1. Frank

    Wirklich gelungene Dokumentation.

  2. Fabian S.

    Gibt es den Film auch auf deutsch oder mit deutschem Untertitel!

  3. ueli Post-Autor

    ich weiss von einer Frau aus Deutschland, dass sie damit begonnen hat, deutsche Untertitel zu übersetzen. Diese sollten, sofern ich das richtig verstanden habe, dann wählbar sein beim Video auf Danny Wu`s Kanal.

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